Hi, my name is Romil Javed, and I am a design and technology marketing professional. I was born in Pakur and currently live in Delhi, India.

I primarily work on the technology, marketing and design intersection at Bondle. My current focus lies in Human-computer interaction, growth hacking and customer experience. I’m quite keen on how startups function, grow and solve some very pertinent issues we face everyday. Lately, I’ve started to appreciate the lean and agile approaches of working.

Quite fond of typefaces and calligraphy, and love everything minimalistic. Love to click a few pics or two.

Raison d’être

Purpose of this website remains humble — learning & sharing. Views expressed herein are entirely my own and I have tried my best to give credits wherever possible.

The site has been functional since late 1990s — since the advent of online self-publishing, but posts have been quite sporadic. A common trait for all the bloggers I guess. ;) When I have a moment, I will chronicle this journey through some images.

Thanks for reading. Say hi on Twitter or drop me an email.

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