A season of astronomical delights!

I dearly missed two things in the last two days: Owning a aperture-rich Telescope and being at a place with minimal light pollution. I am a casual skywatcher and this month, specially, last two days have been nonetheless quite delightful for me!

Although the planets near to earth (Mars, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter) are visible to naked eyes quite often, but since December 14 last year, they have been sort of aligning together in some sort of pattern or visible at the same time in a clear night sky. On February 25, 2012 they were kind of aligning perfectly moments after dusk. I missed the Mercury as it almost followed Sun and wasn’t possible to notice it. However, I did take several sumptuous view of Venus, Jupiter and Mars and our very own crescent Moon with craters visible.

Moon, Venus and Jupiter: Degrees apart

Mars on the eastern horizon

Red bleak yet bright enough to notice.



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