Geek vs Nerd [infographic]

Of late I have started loving these nicely designed infographics. (newspeak?)

Quite a handy tool if you want to convey a chunk of information as a vignette. Chances of it going viral in the social media age can’t be ruled out as well, if things are planned properly.

Like for example, this one… An old yet refreshing take on Geeks vs. Nerds debate with a pinch of humor. No wonder it exceeded expectations of guys (their website Bandwidth is currently down it seems, since it went viral on social media and various blogs).

Geeks vs Nerds

Bigger image here

Also, this reminds me of a Venn diagram I saw sometime ago. The one that rightly puts the Geek vs Nerd vs Dork vs Dweeb equation into perspective:

Geek vs Nerd vs Dork vs Dweeb

One a personal note, I’m not in favor of labeling people in anyway. We can be a good or bad mix of any of these traits depending on the circumstances. However, with this, the Sarcasm category begins on my blog. =)


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