Category: Sarcasm

  • दौर-ए-तरक्की

    इस दौर-ए-तरक्की में कब किस से मिलें, जब खुद से ही मिलने का एक वक़्त मुक्कर्र हो साभार – राम किशोर 

  • Geek vs Nerd [infographic]

    Of late I have started loving these nicely designed infographics. (newspeak?) Quite a handy tool if you want to convey a chunk of information as a vignette. Chances of it going viral in the social media age can’t be ruled out as well, if things are planned properly. Like for example, this one… An old…

  • The server made a boo boo

    Dunno, why I get such whacky errors first thing in the morning while sipping a cup of lemon tea. : ) Realized it in a bit, its a common Apache error.

  • Confessions of a WordPress Server

    First up this morning, I saw this “cute” error message on my WordPress hosted blog. In contrary to “Bad bad Orkut Servers” or “No Doughnut for you!” errors at Orkut, it was a refreshing change though. While this error did not last too long, an auto-refresh after 10 mins made it go. Here is the…