Signs of Life – Pink Floyd

David Jon Gilmour is great!

This song, the opening to my favorite Pink Floyd album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason is a mysterious yet soothing instrumental piece. Gilmour is great with guitar as usual. The album has a background voice by Nick Mason, faint and almost negligible though.

If Wikipedia article is correct, the person rowing the boat through River Cam, Grantchester is Langley Iddens, caretaker of Gilmour’s houseboat studio Astoria. (Wow, already feel like owning one myself, sometime.)

Great one, my personal rating 8.5/10.

When the child like view of the world went, nothing replaced it… Nothing replaced it… Nothing replaced it…
I do not like being asked to… I do not like being asked to… I do not like being asked to…

Other people replaced it,
Someone who knows.


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  1. It was my first time to hear this. The intro had this eerie feel especially when I have the image of the things underwater side by side what I’m hearing at the beginning.

    I love the intro of Wish You Were Here, which is also my favorite Pink Floyd song (out of the very few I’ve heard).

    Looking forward to your detailed writeup on where music has gone after Woodstock :D

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